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If you need to support ASMX clients, use basicHttpBinding

- J.D. Meier, Carlos Farre, Jason Taylor, Prashant Bansode, Steve Gregersen, Madhu Sundararajan, Rob Boucher

If you have ASMX client base, consider using basicHttpBinding in your service, because it can be consumed by both WCF and legacy clients. BasicHttpbinding is a flexible way to provide support for the existing legacy clients, because it does not require upgrading them to WCF. Additionally basicHttpbinding provides a wide range or authentication schemes. Transport security supports basic, digest, windows and certificate authentication; message security supports username and certificate authentication. To use basicHttpBinding, create an endpoint, with binding configuration to use basicHttBinding. Security mode is turned off by default. To enable security and authentication you will need to create a binding configuration and configure the endpoint to use it

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